Large files can play well with AWS Lambda

Serverless computing is about functions that run fast and return small responses. On the other hand, files can be arbitrarily large, and sending them through ephemeral functions can easily hit a limit of the runtime.

This is the problem signed URLs solve.

Learn how to implement a serverless-friendly, robust, and secure solution to handle files using signed URLs.

Signed URLs
the serverless way of secure file downloads and uploads
Based on realistic example projects that show how signed URLs fit into apps.
For developers
Written for people who write code. Code snippets, technical details, and things to avoid are all covered in the book.
Multiple formats
Web-based version to use as a reference
PDF and Epub to read as a book.

Chapters included
S3 and CloudFront signed URLs
AWS signed URLs solutions described
Two ways to implement an Ecommerce site
How a serverless solution differs from a server-based one
Designing for performance
How to use signed URLs when speed matters
Diving deep
Caching, encrypted data, permanent URLs, and other specific topics

What's in the package
Downloadable code examples4
FormatsWeb, PDF, Epub
Language usedJavaScript
Infrastructure examplesTerraform
Updates includedAll future updates
Money-back guarantee7 days
Book statusIn progress
Last updatedSep 27, 2023 - Updates
Tamás Sallai

I'm a software developer focusing mostly on cloud computing and web technologies. I'm especially interested in how to handle edge cases to end up with dependable software.

Writing serverless apps brings a lot of faschinating problems that require insight into several components to solve properly. One of the first for me was how to handle files and that turned out to be a surprisingly deep topic. This book aims to provide a complete overview of the pros and cons of the available tools and approaches so you can choose the best one according to your needs.

Other books I wrote:

When will the book be finished?

There is no fixed finish date. I take advantage of the fact that there is no publisher that imposes deadlines as I'm self-publishing the book.

My goal with the book is to provide useful content. That means I will keep adding chapters that I think are important and refactor the existing ones, and don't commit to a deadline.

For a list of topics I plan to include, check the table of contents.

Why should I buy it before it's finished?

Buying now means you'll get the book earlier and cheaper and receive all future updates and extras.

Is the book updated?

Check the updates page.

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Contact me with your requirements and we'll figure something out:

Are there any discounts/promotions/purchasing power parity pricing?

Not at this moment

Is <topic x> included?

There is an extensive preview where you can check what topics are covered.